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User Score: 6.5% (8 votes)
Release Date: 05/27/2024
Genres: Fantasy and Family
Language: English
Running Time: 1hr 45min

The Legend of Catclaws Mountain

Mindy adopts Angel, a high-spirited pony thatβ€”according to legendβ€”will lead its owner to gold hidden in the nearby mountains. When Angel is kidnapped by a mad treasure hunter, Mindy and her school friends head into the hills to rescue the pony and hunt for the lost gold. But Mindy meets a mountain man that warns her the treasure is part of an ancient curseβ€”if they remove the gold, they'll destroy the beautiful forest.

Main Cast

Hayden Hishaw

Mindy Johnson

James Duval

Marcus McKinley

Robert Davi

Mickey Berrelli

Dee Wallace

Maggie Porter

Ilia Volok

Professor Nikolai Surkov

Ricco Ross

Martin Johnson
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