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  • Last updated: Feb 17, 2024


    Hey User, 

    A warm welcome to your united Telugus / TELUGUS community - a vibrant discussion forum and social network launched in Dec 2023!

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    Do introduce yourself in our Introductions club to break the ice... It will give you a warm start.

    Link to this Help page can be found in the Browse menu on the top and also in the Footer below.

    Telugus.com ROCKS!!

    TIPS: Familiarize yourself with the available Clubs and Tags to become a power-user quickly!

    If you encounter any issues accessing the menu items on your mobile device, tilt your device horizontally (landscape mode) and that should make it more accessible and resolve any issues. If there any issues while loading a page, simply refresh your browser. Keep an eye on your Spam folder for any of our emails ending up in it. Add our email address support[@]telugus.com to your whitelist. Clicking on the logo in the header, Clubs menu item or the Home breadcrumb link under the menu all takes you to the homepage - Telugus.com. You can also reach us through our other domains (telugus.net, telugus.org, telugus.info, telugus.co, telugus.us, etc) in the event of any issues. Our site might go down at times (there is no hosting service with 100% uptime) but rest assured, it will come back quickly, so keep checking back.

    Do view the site on Desktop to see all the features like menus (Chat, NSFW, etc), Filter checkboxes widget (available only on the Clubs homepage - Telugus.com), etc clearly with instant feedback. For instance, to filter topics by Hollywood movies, check the Hollywood Movies club filter checkbox under Entertainment clubs (you can check multiple club filter checkboxes). Whatever filter selections you make in this widget persist across pages and when you re-visit or go back to the Clubs homepage, the previously selected filters get restored. On mobile devices, things like menus and widgets need a bit more digging, diving and tapping around to locate/access them.

    When the page is loaded, the page Title rainbow text on the top and the Chat button on the bottom-right pulsate/blink for 3 times (for 4.5 seconds and 3 seconds respectively). This may be useful when refreshing the page does not flicker or indicate a refresh on modern browsers when there are no updates on the page but you can see the page Title and Chat button pulsate for 3 times indicating the page has refreshed. If you hover your mouse or tap the page Title rainbow text above or the Telugus.com rainbow text in the signature below, they will pulsate infinitely.

    topic/question = thread
    post = comment

    Posting KEYWORDS in English: If the posted content is mostly in Telugu language, try to include translated English keywords in the Title if possible; otherwise, include English keywords in the Body. For instance, if "చంద్రబాబు" is in the Title, also add "CBN, Chandrababu" keywords to the Title and Body (Title is important because titles are always used in a search). This will make the topics "searchable" in English as most users will be searching for content using search terms in English language (not in Telugu language). Even you may not be able to search/find your own content after some time if there are no English keywords in the Title/Body if you cannot type exact words in Telugu as how you posted them.

    Editing: If you wanna quickly edit the Title of your own topic/blog-entry/article/event that you created, simply hover your mouse over the Title and it will display a rectangle around the Title (if you are allowed to edit it) with a fade in/out pulsating display. Click and hold the Title and it renders the Title in an editable column where you can edit it and tab/click out to save the Title.

    Filters: Filters widget is a checkbox list. Click the checkboxes to filter Topics by clubs. On mobiles, the Filter checkboxes widget is a dropdown above/below the "Start a new topic" button.

    Clear Filters to uncheck ALL Filter checkboxes with one click and see all Topics. If you don't see all topics in the list or at least 3 Pinned Topics on the top of topic list, it probably means there are some filters applied to the topic list view using Filter checkboxes. The above Clear Filters link is a temporary solution to clear all filters with one click but if you click Home or Clubs menu after that, your previous filters will get restored. To remove all filters completely, uncheck all the checkboxes in the Filters widget manually (when any filters are active). We are working on displaying a visual status like "Topics (4 filters, clear)" in the title to clear them with one click.

    Infrastructure: We use cutting-edge technologies on cloud infrastructure with highly interactive and modern features like Live CHAT, Clubs (with filters), Q&A Topics, Topic Rating, Topic Voting, Themes, Blogs, Articles, Reviews, Star Ratings, Events/Calendars, Page Auto-Refresh, real-time feedbacks like live Notifications, Live Community features, "Who else is there on this page?", "Who is typing?"... (more features in the pipeline). You can see who else is viewing the same topic as you and see others responding to the topic live above the Comment box saying, "<User> is typing..." in real time (similar to how a Chat app works).

    Login: If you wish, you can disable 2-Factor Authentication it in your Account Settings and use just email/password for login.

    If you encounter any issues while registration and such, Contact us with your email address and provide details about the issue you are having.

    We serve cached pages to Guest users (with stale data). Signing in as a registered user unlocks many hidden and privileged features and displays live data.

    Items you can post in our Community as a registered user -

    1. Topics in Clubs
    2. Blogs
    3. Blog Entries in Blogs
    4. Articles
    5. Events in Calendars
    6. Status Updates
    7. Polls (associated with Topics and Blogs)
    8. Vote in Polls
    9. Chat with other members
    10. Private-Message other members
    12. Reactions

    Check out our many cool features -

    • Clubs - visit our dozens of elite Clubs for more focussed discussions on popular topics listed below using the Filter Checkboxes in the Clubs sidebar widget... If you don't see all topics in the list view or at least 3 Pinned Topics on the top of topics list, it means you have checked some filters in the sidebar widget. You can click the category headers in the Clubs sidebar widget to bulk-select/unselect all the clubs under the clicked category. Whatever filter selections you make in this widget persist across pages and when you re-visit or go back to Clubs homepage, the filters get restored.
      If topics are not showing properly, click the Clear Filters link above the Topic list view on the homepage (you can also click this link to clear ALL filters with just one click instead of un-checking each filter checkbox manually).

      Before posting a topic, try to search and if you find an appropriate/similar topic, add a comment in it instead of creating a new topic. For instance, there are already topics created like, "Favorite Tollywood Movies", "Worst Bollywood Movies", "Today's Telugu hit songs", "Superhit old Hindi songs", etc. which you can find by searching or filtering the topic list by clubs. It would make more sense to add comments to the existing topics and consolidate all related items in single topics instead of creating new/multiple topics that would duplicate/dilute the content with a bad UX.

      To create a new thread, click the + Create (click here if you are logged in!) button on the top, select "Topic" from the dropdown menu, select a Club from the popup and click Continue. You'll see the full breadcrumb of the club on the top of the page you are currently posting the topic into (if you are not in the right club, you can start over by clicking + Create in the header and selecting the correct club). If you come across a great video or news article, remember to share it with the community here on Clubs. ALL Topics posted in our Clubs, Articles, Events, Comments, etc. get consolidated into the main Topics listing on our Home/Clubs page (without affecting their visibility or exposure) so feel free to post your topics into specific Clubs as much as possible so related topics are grouped in a single place by club and easy to filter and explore by interest later on by others with focussed browsing (by clubs) that will get your topics maximum comments/views (also see: Tags below to make your topics go VIRAL)! If you do not select the right club while posting a topic, our Moderators will move your topic into an appropriate club.

      NOTE: When posting videos like YouTube, make sure to add the video's title to the topic title or topic body so they become searchable. If you post just the video, it cannot be searched later unless you add some searchable text (video title) to the topic title or topic body.

      After posting a topic, there is a "Create new topic/question" to quickly create another topic/question in the SAME category. If you want to choose a different category, start over from the + Create button in the header.

      You can post any "general" topics in the Discussions club linked below that does not fall under any available clubs specifically, like - Agriculture, Time-pass chatter... (post all Science topics in Technology & Gadgets club). Remember, "Discussions" club should be the last choice and select the most appropriate Club for your topic if you want to get maximum views on your topics (see also Tags below on how to make topics go VIRAL).

      Polls: You can attach a Poll to discussion Topics and Blog Entries (posts) with multiple questions and each question with multiple answers. Everyone can view the results prior to voting, vote on polls and also change their votes at any time and as many times as they wish with complete freedom! Other forum sites don't offer so much freedom with polls.

      Some clubs like the Discussions, Technology clubs, Law clubs and more... are Question-type clubs where your topics are posted as questions, you/users can Rate the question using a 5-star scale and you choose the Best Answer and Mark as Solution.

      If you need any new clubs/categories/tags created, have a suggestion or a bug to report, post it in the Feature Requests club linked below.

      Tag all breaking news topics with "BREAKING NEWS!!" tag and graphic content topics with "GRAPHIC CONTENT" tag.

      Post all NSFW content in our NSFW Club. Do not post NSFW comments in regular/non-NSFW topics (create a new NSFW topic instead). We also have a Sex Education club. Porn is not allowed anywhere on this site.

      NOTE: While posting new topics in NSFW and Sex Education clubs, select the Tag and ALSO the Tag Prefix (there is only 1 tag in these clubs' Tags dropdown).

      * India and China are so populous, we have separate Region clubs for these countries. Post topics related to these countries in these special clubs instead of Asia-Pacific region club.

    General Introductions   |   Announcements   |   Feature Requests   |   Career & Work   |   Comedy & Humor   |   Sports & Games
    News Andhra   |   Telangana   |   Other News   |   Crime   |   Polls
    Entertainment Nandamuri Fans   |   Mahesh Movies   |   Prabhas Movies   |   Pawan Movies   |   Tollywood Movies   |   Bollywood Movies   |   Hollywood Movies   |   Tollywood Songs   |   Bollywood Songs   |   Hollywood Songs   |   Vlogging & Lifestyle   |   Animals & Nature   |   Fiction   |   Real-life (non-fiction) Stories   |   Other Entertainment
    Technology Technology & Gadgets   |   Education & Training   |   Software & Hardware   |   Photography & Videography   |   GPT, AI, AR, VR & ML
    Regions India*   |   USA & Canada   |   China, Hong Kong & Macau*   |   Middle East & Africa   |   Asia-Pacific   |   Europe   |   World
    Relationships Dating & Live-In   |   Marriage & Family   |   Pregnancy   |   Parenting   |   Divorce
    Law Immigration Law   |   Property Law   |   Family Law   |   Other Laws
    Assets Real Estate   |   Land   |   Auto   |   Stocks   |   Money
    Insurance Life Insurance   |   Health Insurance   |   Auto Insurance
    Hobbies Dance & Singing   |   Books & Poetry   |   Painting & Drawing   |   Other Hobbies
    Health Food & Wine   |   Health & Fitness   |   Beauty & Fashion
    Others Discussions   |   Business   |   Astrology, Vastu & Culture   |   Tricks & Hacks   |   Travel & Transportation   |   Return to India   |   Shopping   |   Job Postings   |   Sex Education   |   NSFW


    • Live CHAT (!) - Nope, we ain't kiddin'!! We believe the Chat module is our Killer Feature (we have plans to bring you more killer modules shortly). Chat away all day and all night to your heart's content in our Public chatroom (anyone), Stocks chatroom (members), Andhra chatroom, Telangana chatroom, do a 1-on-1 private chat with your favorite members or create private Group Chatrooms to invite members and have a BLAST - all in real-time. Keep in constant touch with other members of the community and share your knowledge, wisdom, interests, issues, views and opinions. You can multi-chat with others simultaneously in real-time. Messages in the Chatbox may be purged periodically so please save anything important somewhere else.
      PRO-TIP: Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter or Cmd+Enter to send the message quickly (without having to click the Send button) and continue typing your next message!

      Group Chat: From the Chatbox button on the bottom right, click its Hamburger menu and click Create New Group menu item, invite a minimum of 2 other members (excluding you) to start a Group chatroom.

      In the Public chatroom, some messages are posted automatically when a new Member joins, others post a Topic in Clubs, a Blog Entry, an Article, an Event, Status Update and more so you are kept well-aware of the happenings around this Community in real-time while you are deeply immersed in chatting with others. While chatting with others 1-on-1 (private Member Chat) or private Group Chat, you can select a different skin like the Default Theme and a Layout (Standard, Condensed, Bubble & Talkie) for each chatroom.

      Chat widget is available everywhere on all open pages and can also be popped out into a separate window and they all sync in real-time. If you need any more chatrooms on other focussed topics, post it in the Feature Requests club linked above.
    • Messenger - accessible from the header, you can send/receive messages to/from other registered members. When you send a message through Messenger to another member, they would also receive an email in their Inbox immediately (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) by default unless the member turned off Email notifications for the Messenger in their Notification Options. For most members, Messenger is a definite way to contact them because they would receive an email of your message (in addition to on-site/push notifications).
    • Themes (click here!) - available from the dropdown menu in the footer below, you can switch the themes at any time to suit your preference, ambience, time of the day or whatever is easy on your eyes. Explore our cool, warm, bright, dark, stealth, modern, contemporary, slick themes and have a TON of fun..
      1. Darcula - a special, multi-tone theme with different colors for links (gold) and buttons (orange)
      2. Neon Blue
      3. Dark
      4. Light (default) - a simple/basic theme
      5. Modern
      6. Contemporary
      7. Lavender
      8. Barbie
      Also, please cast your vote on your most favorite Themes so we know which Themes are trending and what kind of Themes to develop in future for a better experience to you -

    • Articles - showcase your caliber by authoring articles on any subject. Articles exist in the global space and you are the author of the articles you write. Posted articles will also appear in the Topic listing under various clubs like Discussions general club for more exposure. Feel free to write Articles here in your area of expertise... And do check out our great collection of articles on various interesting topics which are building up on a daily-basis!
    • BLOGS - a Blog is like a YouTube channel and Blog Entries (posts) within the blog are like the individual videos within the channel which means only you can author Blog Entries inside your Blog while other users can only comment on your entries (similar to a channel, its videos and video comments). Blogs exist under YOU > Your Blogs > Your Blog Entries.

      Also, our Blogs are like FREE personal websites owned by YOU that are hosted on our state-of-the-art AWS cloud infrastructure (just as our entire site is) at absolutely ZERO cost to you! Each Blog Entry (post) within a blog is like a separate web page on a website, create as many Blog Entries as you need in each Blog. You can create up to 5 blogs of your own which is like owing 5 websites for free with FREE traffic from our users and the internet (without the associated costs of domain registration/renewals, web hosting/renewals, website building, SEO expenses, server-maintenance headaches, hardware/software updates/upgrades/patching, backup/disaster-recovery/business-continuity strategies, sleepless nights, wasted time and blah... that come with owing websites). Using our Blogs as your websites, you can simply LASER-FOCUS 100% on just creating your content and be successful. With our free Blogs that load with blazing speed on state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, you DON'T need a separate PAID domain and website that come with a ton of headaches, issues and expenses.

      Our blogs are more user-friendly with content organization, searchability, communication, comments, reactions, engagement, SEO, etc. (like a website) compared to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. that offer just a limited scrolling interface.

      You can create your "own" Blog on Telugus.com and write Blog Entries within it (with photos) in the areas of your expertise. You are the owner of the blogs you create and the author of their entries while others can only comment on your blog entries. For instance, you could create a Story blog and write Stories (blog entries/posts) in it, create a Cooking blog and write Recipe entries in it, create a Movies blog and write Movie Review entries in it or create a Coding blog and write coding technique entries in it... If you are a writer, content creator, vlogger or an influencer like a YouTuber, Instagrammer or TikToker, you should consider creating a blog of your own here on Telugus.com for more SEO and followers. For each video (cooking, coding, tutorial, reviews...) you post on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. you could add a Blog Entry to your "own" Blog with textual content (recipes, coding techniques, tutorials, reviews...) that are indexable by search engines and hence searchable and rank-able. After posting your blog entry, you can share the blog post on our Club forums for more views.

      Inside each blog, you can post individual videos, recipes, photos, reviews, tutorials, etc. as separate blog entries (posts) and share their links on your YouTube videos to engage them more. You could create a Requests blog entry/post inside your Blog and ask your followers to post all their requests as comments on the Requests blog post in one central location for easier tracking (compared to requests posted on individual videos that are hard to track). This will build your SEO and gain more traction with long-term benefits.

      Blogs are so EASY to set up on Telugus.com with just a couple of clicks and you are off to start writing away entries in it as a writer in a few seconds! Note that you can schedule your blog entries in advance using Publish Date and Time (similar to how we can schedule YouTube videos to publish in future) which is very powerful to write a bunch of your blog posts well in advance and they get published automatically when the date/time arrives even if you are asleep. You can also use this feature to sync your YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other videos to sync with your blog posts to publish at the same time in future! While creating blog entries within your own blogs, you can create your own Categories or select from the existing ones that you created before (remember, while creating Blog Entries in OUR Community blog (open to everyone), use the existing Categories - do not create any new ones).

      Check out Madhuri's Recipes blog at -

      NOTE: You can create a blog with the same name as an existing blog so if you wanna create a Cooking blog but there is already another Cooking blog created by someone else, you can still create a new blog with the same name "Cooking" or your YouTube channel name (blogs are identified by their IDs for uniqueness).

      Please read our helpful and MUST-READ article on Article-vs-Blog linked below for complete info on when to use which and much more -
    • Events - check out our dozen+ cool Calendars from time to time for important events such as extensive listings of Telugu Festivals, Holidays of 5 countries (Telugu, US, UK, AU, CA), Movies, Big Boss, Cricket, NFL and such... This module is so interesting - you don't wanna miss it! You wanna check them out everyday as it becomes a habit 😀 For instance, for holidays alone, we have (add hundreds of events for Upcoming Movies, sports and other entertainment calendars to these numbers...) -
      • 112 Telugu Festivals
      •  52 Telugu Holidays
      •   18 US Holidays
      •    9 UK Holidays
      •    7 Australia Holidays
      •  10 Canada Holidays
      • -----------------------------------------------
      • That's a total of 208 holiday events every year
      • =================================
    • Event Calendars - you can post Comments on any of the events in our dozen calendars and can add your own past/current/future events to Movies, Big Boss, Cricket and NFL calendars, Follow any event like regular topics and even set Reminders for a specified number of days beforehand to remind/email/notify you of any future/upcoming event... Events for the next 1 week appear in the Events sidebar widget. Events can be viewed as Overview, Month, Week, Day and Detail views. In Month, Week and Day views, you can view any individual calendar or All calendars. Event entries accept dates, times, single day, all day, recurring, title, tags, description, cover photo (you can drag to reposition/center the photo after uploading and save) and YouTube videos in the description and comments. If you have a PNG, re-save/export it as a JPG file and upload the JPG for smaller sizes and faster page-loads.

      When you click + Create (click here if you are logged in!) button and select Event, it displays a popup to choose a Calendar in which to create the entry in. For instance, try creating an entry in the Movies calendar... Check these calendar entries for Animal and Bhagavant Kesari movies in the Movies calendar for examples (click on their cover images to expand them).

      Check existing events to see if it exists before submitting a new event. Events are moderated to avoid duplicates and keep our calendars clean.
    • Live Topics - these are live events our moderators, management or administrators will host on various topics on our community in real time. Attendees can chat and ask questions and the host and others can answer. After the live event has finished, the questions and answers will be converted into a club topic.

    • Post another item - after submitting a discussion or question topic, you are branched to the discussion/question detail page. On this page, clicking on the Start New Topic or Ask a Question link-button (above the title) will let you post another discussion/question in the same club quickly (without having to select a club).

    • My Activity Streams - under Activity menu, you can create your own streams such as "Content I Started - 1 Week" and quickly select this option to search for your content in the last one week. For instance, when you go to Activity > Content I Started menu and filter the results by Time Period > Specified Time Period > 7 days, it gives an option to save the Search Criteria with a Timeline that you can switch to with just one click at any time which is very powerful. Saved activity streams are listed under Activity > My Activity Streams sub-menu > Custom Streams category. On this same page, under Stream Options button menu, you can set the current filter as your Default Stream which will add a  Content I Started - 1 Week link to the top-right under the Search box on all pages for quick access to the saved Search Criteria that fetches results in a Timeline with just one click which is super powerful. And you can edit the search criteria for this shortcut at any time.

    • Stock Replies - while composing your message in the editor, you can use the Stock Replies toolbar icon to insert quick replies with one click. If you have suggestions for more Stock Replies word, phrases or sentences, post them in our Feature Requests club.

    • Search - when you use the Search box on the top-right, remember to select the "scope" of your search in its dropdown like - Everywhere, In This Club, In This Topic, etc. to laser-target your search. At times, it defaults the scope to like "In this Club" or "In This Topic" based on where on the site you currently are (especially when you are inside a topic) and you may think the search returned no results or the search is broken. The default Search behavior for multi-word search is set to contain "ALL of the searched words" which will return fewer but targeted results. You can change it to contain "ANY of the searched words" if desired (returns too many results and hard to locate your targeted item). For single word searches, it doesn't matter which behavior you use.
    • Tags - we strongly encourage you to use any of the dozens of pre-defined and "easy-to-use" Tags from the dropdown while posting anything. Adding tags is so easy and quick - right after clicking the Add Tags button, your focus is immediately placed in a search box and typing anything into the search box (even just 1 character is enough) filters and narrows down the items in the dropdown and you can pick one quickly. You can Search for tags inside the dropdown to narrow down and select - it can't get any easier or quicker than that with near-zero data-entry. You can select up to 2 tags max per topic.
      You can quickly search for ALL topics by any Tag by simply clicking on the Tags of any posted topic. Tags offer qiuck searchability. When you tag your topics properly, they will link your topic to other topics that used the same Tags. Similarly, other topics that used the same Tags will get listed in the Similar Content widget at the bottom of the topic-detail pages and your topic appears in the Similar Content widget under other topics that used the same Tags - which will bring more exposure, views, likes, comments and activity on your topics. Tags can easily make your topics go VIRAL quickly and even get them featured in our Trending Topics and ultimately make into our Staff Picks! Also see Clubs above for more on how to make your topics go VIRAL.

      In other words, Tags are like keywords or Primary/Foreign-Keys that link a content to other content in a many-to-many relationship. Without Tags, your topic does not get linked to other similar topics, the Similar Content widget does not render on the topic page and your topic does not get listed in the Similar Content widget of other similar topics that used the same Tags. If you forget to add tags to the topic but add them later, it takes a few minutes for Similar Content widget to render under the topic.

      And there goes the best-kept viral secret! Plus, Tags help us with our internal Reporting so we can improve our service for a better experience to you! Do familiarize yourself with what tags are available so they are easy to search/locate when you need them to make your life easy... If you need newer Tags created, post your requests in the Feature Requests club linked above.

      For posting a song, shorts, trailers, movies and reviews, suffix the Topic Title with #song, #shorts, #trailer, #movie and #review hashtags.
      The "YouTube" tag is meant for tutorials on how to start a YouTube channel, create and post YouTube videos, monetization, etc.
    • Reactions - garnering these will build up your reputation. We have 8 reactions -
      react_like.png Love react_thanks.png Best
      reaction-like.png Like reaction-dislike.png Dislike
      react_haha.png Haha reaction-wink.png Wink
      react_confused.png Confused react_sad.png Sad
      Do note that reaction-dislike.png Dislike, react_confused.png Confused and react_sad.png Sad reactions get zero/no reputation points - no need to be concerned when you get these reactions from others as they will not affect your reputation. All other reactions from others to your content get you 1 positive point for each reaction and build up your reputation.
    • Achievements - these are badges and ranks that could be awarded by a Moderator for great contributions or garnered automatically based on your reputation and points.
    • Badges - badges are based on a criteria or even something that may be manually added. For example, you may be awarded a badge by a Moderator for completing your profile or you earn badges based on your activity like if you made 100 posts:

      1 FirstPost.svg First Post 2 FirstTopic.svg Conversation Starter
      3 TenPosts.svg Collaborator 4 FiveReactionsGiven.svg Reacting Well
      5 TenAnswers.svg Problem Solver 6 TenFollowers.svg Well Followed
      7 SevenConsecutiveDaysLoggedIn.svg Dedicated 8 SevenDaysRegistered.svg Week One Done
      9 ThirtyDaysRegistered.svg One Month Later 10 1YearRegistered.svg One Year In
      11 OneHundredReactionsReceived.svg Very Popular 12 FiveHundredItemsPosted.svg Posting Machine
      13 GreatSupport.svg Great Support 14 Helpful.svg Helpful
      15 Superstar.svg Superstar 16 ValuableContent.svg Great Content


    • Ranks - ranks are titles and images that are applied to you upon reaching a set number of points on our site. As you can see, it's not hard at all to join higher ranks quickly and you'll be climbing up before you even notice it!

      NOTE: On other communities, it takes 13,000 to 16,000 points to reach Grand Master rank but on our Telugus community, is takes only 10,000 points which is WAY too quicker and a lot easier!
      1_Newbie.svg Newbie 0
      2_Rookie.svg Rookie 50
      3_Apprentice.svg Apprentice 100
      5_Explorer.svg Explorer 200
      4_Contributor.svg Contributor 350
      6_Enthusiast.svg Enthusiast 500
      7_Collaborator.svg Collaborator 750
      8_Regular.svg Community Regular 1,000
      9_RisingStar.svg Rising Star 1,500
      10_Proficient.svg Proficient 2,300
      11_Experienced.svg Experienced 3,500
      12_Mentor.svg Mentor 5,000
      13_Veteran.svg Veteran 7,500
      14_GrandMaster.svg Grand Master 10,000


    • Account Settings - do visit your Profile > Account Settings and enable the optional Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) from the Security tab (you have to re-authenticate to access this page) using Google Authenticator or the simpler Question and Answer method (quicker and easier without using an app). After you login using the usual username and password, you are then challenged with these methods as an additional layer of protection and you can choose to answer one of them. You can also upload your profile photo and cover photo there to personalize your Profile page.
      Another powerful preference in your Account Settings is Content View Behavior - try it out by setting it to "Take me to comments I haven't read" which will always navigate you to the unread comments in a topic when you click on a topic which will save you a ton of time!

      Under Security & Privacy, you can Hide Your Online Status if you want to be anonymous/invisible to others while you browse the site. This will also not list your name under "Who else is there on this page?" and "<USER> is typing..." status messages on Topic detail pages.

      You can also turn Off the Member Chat box from your Account Settings.

      If you want to have your account deleted for any reason (even though we're confident you'll never find a reason for it on our Community), you can request your account to be deleted from Account Settings > Security & Privacy menu option yourself and follow the email confirmations. You can also request for your PII data from the same menu yourself.
    • Status Updates - you can post your Status Updates from the + Create (click here if you are logged in!) button on the top or import your Status Updates from Facebook or X (Twitter). To use the Status Updates feature, you have to enable it from your Edit Profile page first. Status Updates appear under Topic view on homepage and also on your Profile above Activity Stream.
    • Notification Settings - you are in full control of what notifications you receive, their frequency and also how. We've set them up optimally for you already. Head over and check these settings out - they are very powerful so you can laser-focus on things that interest you.

      Push Notifications

    • Follow / Ignore - you have the options to follow your favorite members from their Profile pages and ignore any users. Number of followers will add points to the member being followed so do follow the members you like to help them with their scoring higher ranks/badges. Feel free to use these power-features to your advantage.
    • RSS Feeds - you can subscribe to our feeds (in the footer) and consume them in your favorite RSS Reader client apps such as Outlook and other apps. NetNewsWire (open-source), Feedly are some of the good, free apps on iOS and macOS.
    • Copy/Paste content - pasted rich-text in the editor would appear differently to you/others when read using a different theme.
      This is how the text looks like when pasted from a Dark theme (when viewed on a Light theme).
      This is how the text looks like when pasted from a Light theme (when viewed on a Dark theme).

      Due to this issue, Paste as Plain-Text is being enforced to avoid color display issues (you can re-format text after pasting if necessary). However, you can still paste links, image links, etc... which work fine.
    • Emojis & Keyboard Shortcuts - users become advanced/power-users quickly and love to use keyboard shortcuts without reaching out to the mouse for frequent actions. Inserting emojis into the editor can be done by typing a colon (:) followed by a search string (even one or 2 chars) and it will popup all the emojis matching the typed string - even the ones that don't display in the Emoji dropdown. You can click on one of them to insert into the editor.
      Our custom Emoticons start with "emoji-<xxxx>" and most of them are name-spaced facilitating sorting. For instance, typing :emoji-dance will bring up all the emoticons with dance in their names. Also try :emoji-lol, :emoji-flag, :emoji-computer, :emoji-bang, etc. Emojis can also be searched in the emoji dropdown's Search box. If you type :flag, it will bring up all the stock country flag emojis which means you can search and insert any emoji - not just the ones that are displayed in the emoji dropdown. Try :laugh, :smile, :face, :cat, :dog, :woman, :man, :police, :city, :pizza, :girl, :boy, :baby...
    • Posting Images - we've integrated our editors with Giphy and Pixabay image platforms to quickly search and insert high-quality images/memes into the editor while creating/posting topics, comments, blog entries, articles, events and more.

      Integrations with Giphy and Pixabay

      We've integrated our editors with Giphy platform so you can quickly search and insert high-quality, humorous images, animated images, memes and videos right from the editor's toolbar while creating/posting topics, comments, blog entries, articles, events and more that can add a whole lot of FUN and HUMOR to your content.

      Giphy has over 1.7 billion daily users. Giphy is a GIF search engine and sharing platform that serves over 10 billion GIFs to more than 700 million users every day.

      Here are some thumbnails of sample search on "animals" -

      Giphy thumbnails


      Inserted here from Giphy dropdown [GIF] in the toolbar -

      Happy Birthday GIF






      Video - https://giphy.com/clips/therokuchannel-season-6-episode-4-the-great-american-baking-show-MtGY4FcgMmgzFXSXca

      Search by "balakrishna" - https://giphy.com/search/balakrishna

      Search by "brahmanandam" - https://giphy.com/search/brahmanandam

      Stickers - https://giphy.com/search/brahmanandam-stickers

      Search by "mahesh babu" - https://giphy.com/search/mahesh-babu



      Also, we've integrated with Pixabay platform so you can quickly search and insert high-quality images while creating new Blog Entries (posts), Articles, Events and Live Topics by clicking on the "Choose Stock Photo..." button. Here are thumbnails of some sample searches -


      Pixabay Nature thumbnails



      Pixabay Nature thumbnails



      Pixabay Waterfalls thumbnails



      Pixabay Snowfalls thumbnails


      Christmas lights

      Pixabay Christmas thumbnails



      Pixabay Downtowns thumbnails



      Pixabay Airports thumbnails


      Do also check our color-coded Emoji dropdown, Code, Stock Replies and Spoiler toolbar icons.

      Editor Toolbar

      Further, you can post images by searching/uploading them from/to free image sharing sites and share their links here (sties like prnt.sc, imgur.com, imgbb.com, postimage.org are good). Currently, these links are supported and get embedded -
    1 College Humor 13 ReverbNation
    2 Coub 14 Screencast.com
    3 Dailymotion 15 SmugMug
    4 external images 16 SoundCloud
    5 Facebook 17 Spotify
    6 Flickr 18 TED
    7 Funny Or Die 19 Twitter
    8 Gfycat 20 Ustream
    9 Google Maps 21 Vimeo
    10 Hulu 22 Vine
    11 internal links to content on our site 23 Wistia
    12 Instagram 24 YouTube



    Our Desktop Website

    If you are on a mobile device and would like to see how our full-blown site looks like on a desktop/laptop, here are the screenshots of our homepage, Telugus.com in Darcula theme (tap/pinch to zoom) -

    Telugus.com homepage screenshot


    Telugus.com homepage screenshot


    Remember to try our site and the CHAT module on your mobile phone and tablet - they look awesome!


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    You can listen to our Audio ads on Mirchi Telugu radio.

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    Our discussion on our Video and Radio ads


    Telugus.com Rocks!!


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    We strongly encourage you to read our article on Forum Etiquette as well -

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    We hope our above efforts show how much we strive to provide you with a safe and decent environment (the way a Community is supposed to be) with so many powerful features (and more on the way... this is just our First Cut) for a quality time and a BLAST. So safe that you don't have to hide your gender signing up as a male when you are a female or vice-versa for the fear of getting abused by others. We expect that you participate in our discussions without resorting to any of the above abuse factors.




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