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Welcome to Introductions forum!

Do introduce yourself in this forum by posting a NEW thread/topic to break the ice for a warm start...

Have you read the Welcome (PLEASE READ) pinned topic to get started?


I'm the Administrator of this Telugus community site. I'm passionate about online communities, helping out others, facilitating a network for people to help each other out and sharing their knowledge and wisdom.

Helping others by providing answers/solutions to their questions/issues online doesn't cost us anything other than a little time and it brings us immense satisfaction. In the process, we learn a lot and gain worldly knowledge too. Other parts of the world have a wide range of communities on all kinds of subjects but Telugus haven't had the luxury of a decent community fully even in 2023 and even after progressing "technologically" so much ahead of other communities. Even the ones available are so dated and abandoned with barely any activity. We'll try to fill that gap with your help.

There is no useless person! Everyone is good at something. Some may be good at coding, some may be good at cooking... This is a good opportunity to share our knowledge and wisdom, help others and also learn from others.






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