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Perfect analysis on why Jagan lost



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16 hours ago, Sucker said:

Perfect analysis on why Jagan lost

Does anyone believe the election was fair and not rigged with EVM tampering by BJP, EC and locally in states?

This is like a kid passing an exam by copying/cheating and the parents celebrating his fake success! All these pulkas including CBN's family, PK's family... are celebrating the FAKE victory of kootami..!!

LOL they had many videos from indie creators that speak pro-YCP removed after coming to power but they could not have the videos of news/media companies removed!

***** Andhra Pradesh On The Record ft. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Prannoy Roy and Dorab R. Sopariwala *****

Sustainable/long-term development vision ante idi..! Visionary ante Jagan..!!

YS Jagan Explains About His Dreams | YS Jagan Heartfelt Speech | Indiontvnews

Who believes the election was not rigged?? Only pulkas celebrating fake victory.

Govt schools in Jagan govt ❤️ (VIDEO REMOVED)


A ground-breaking thing in AP Education System! (VIDEO REMOVED)


It remains to be seen: will CBN continue padhakalu and the schemes like English medium schools for poor kids with welfare payments and other benefits?? Why are they removing videos on how schools looked like and education system during Jagan's regime (what's wrong with the videos??) if they have any intentions of continuing padhakalu????????

They rigged  the election so badly with just 11 seats to YCP so there is no opposition to question whatever TDP does do or does not do so they can carry out their scams! Kethi Reddy, Kodali Nani losing and PK, Lokesh and barely known candidates who never did anything for the local area winning with a very wide margin and YCP getting only 11 seats are all clear indicators of large scale tampering to eliminate opposition!!

Development does not happen overnight to be able to pay padhakalu, it takes probably 5 years YEARS or more! How is he going to pay padhakalu as per TDP's manifesto (which doubles everything just to win the election that Jagan was offering) until then and also continue with his other imaginary pipe-dream plans of Sc'amaravati?? Obviously, everyone knows the answers clearly.

VIRAL VIDEO: Chandrababu saying no welfare schemes but Amaravati with unimaginable returns because it's a 20+ year project!

They don't care about poor people. They only care about wealthy people like all pulkas who want to build their real estate around Br'amaravati.

Rmkr Pegs ragging Chandrababu. This is next level!


చంద్రబాబు కొంప ముంచిన టీడీపీ నేత ఎలక్షన్ టైం లో బాబు కి షాక్.. #chandrababu #tdp #srimedianews


కుర్రాడి మాటలకు ఫిదా అవుతారు 🔥👌| Who Is Next CM | AP Public Talk | Praja Galam


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