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Useless departments to Pawan



JanaSena Party (JSP) leader Konidela Pawan Kalyan, the Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister is assigned with the portfolios of Panchayati Raj and Rural Development and Rural Water Supply with additional charge of Environment and Forests, and Science & Technology.

those are useless ministries for him but for an NRA (non-resident andhrite who lives in Hyderabad mostly), it would require full time attention to handle any important ministries.

what do you think?

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PK is not devoted to politics and he is only in it to make easy money through scams. He wants things to happen just like that without doing any hard work. He spends most of his time in filming and living in Hyderabad. Dy.CM means nothing. The CM still holds all powers, can appoint multiple Dy.CM's (like in some states) or replace them at any time. Decision making powers are held by CM.

How he won 21/21 without doing any hard work, after cursing Jagan openly in meetings just like CBN/Lokesh did (bummer!) uttering cinematic dialogues/poonakams and after failing at elections TWICE in the past never even elected as an MLA and how Lokesh winning with huge margin after losing TWICE in the past are anybody's guess. It should not be hard to rig elections for someone who failed 10th class without the 3 grace marks given by the then govt. Pulkas know the truth about EVM tampering and celebrating the FAKE victory of kootami.

కాసేపు #YSJagan కి వచ్చిన సీట్స్ డౌట్ పక్కన పెడదాం JSP 21/21 10 years గా సింగిల్ సీట్- MLA అవ్వలేనోడు ఒకేసారి ఇన్ని సీట్స్ అంటే డౌట్ రాలేదా TDP 135 అంటే డౌట్ రాలేదా AP లో 0% ఓట్ షేర్ ఉన్న BJP 8/10 అంటే డౌట్ రాలేదా EVM TAMPERING చేస్తే నమ్మేలా ఉండాలి ఇలా అడ్డంగా దొరికిపోయేల కాదు

Just as justice should not only be served, but should also appear to have been served, so should democracy not only prevail but must appear to be prevalent undoubtedly. In electoral practices across the world in almost every advanced democracy, paper ballots are used, not EVMs. We too must move towards the same in upholding the true spirit of our democracy - Jagan


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