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Apple Vision Pro VR headset



Apple's first ever spatial computing VR headset device Vision Pro starting at $3500 is not cheap. It has uses in computing, content and connections.

Computing - we could use it in a multi-monitor env - instead of buying bulky extra monitors for our desk, we could just use one Vision Pro to have multiple LARGE screens with large images/fonts of our workspace and use them comfortably. One headset and we can have multiple monitors!

Content - we could watch movies, play games on a LARGE screen even on a flight seat.

Connections - FaceTime, messaging with others.

More - https://www.apple.com/in/newsroom/2023/06/introducing-apple-vision-pro/










Content, movies, games...



Connections, FaceTime, email, messaging...



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What’s it like to use the Apple Vision Pro? #mkbhd #apple #visionpro

The eye tracking in Vision Pro is borderline telepathic!


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Use Vision Pro for watching movies in BIG screen, for work using multiple BIG screen virtual monitors and a lot more with over a million apps available for it on day 1 of release!

A Guided Tour of Apple Vision Pro


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The iPhone was launched back in 2007 with 220 patents.

Vision Pro is tomorrow’s technology today launched with 5,000 patents!


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