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ARTICLE: Why is the United States of America, the BEST country in the world?



The United States is 3 times (9.8M sq.km) the size of India but India has 5 times the population of US!

With its population comprising of just 5% of the world's population, the US controls a whopping 30% of the world's wealth, produces 20% of all global manufacturing with 40% of all world-wide military spending and US Navy representing 50% of world's naval fleet.

The US went from its dependence on other countries for 60% of its oil needs up until a few years ago to becoming self-reliant and also becoming the largest producer of oil in the world now!

Even though United States and Australia are almost the same in size and started around the same time, AU still has only 26M population vs US 332M now. EU is almost the same in size as US but EU has 746M people.

With its largest contiguous stretch of the best cultivable farmland on Earth in the Midwest (the Great Plains) overlapping with the world's largest network of easily navigable and abundant rivers and the Mississippi river that are also the greatest natural and the cheapest mode of transportation system to be found anywhere in the world, the US produces a third of the entire planet's needs of all corn and soy bean and over 150B dollars worth of agricultural produce per year!

United States, the BEST country in the world

The United States has the largest military budget followed by China in the second place. Here are some staggering comparisons for/as of 2023:

Country Population Total Budget Defense Budget GDP
USA 332M $6.1 trillion $877 billion $20.89 T
China 1.4B $3.3 trillion $292 billion $14.72 T
India 1.5B $549 billion $75 billion $3.74 T

With its friendly neighboring countries (Canada on the north and Mexico on the south) and surrounded by Pacific and Atlantic oceans on the west and east sides, fully isolated from the rest of the world and being the world's naval Superpower, US is the safest and most secure country on Earth that cannot be easily invaded by other countries! And all of these advantages are due to US's incredible geography and geology not found anywhere on the planet!

The United States has the BEST geography, geology and everything - forests, deserts, rocky mountains, fresh water lakes, rivers, cultivable land, extensive transportation, world-class infrastructure and abundant natural resources like oil, gas, gold...

US fought a 2-decade war with Afghanistan spending 2 trillion dollars and losing the lives of 140,000 Americans in the war.

This video is so info-packed giving us goosebumps and reason to appreciate America's incredible geographic advantages, the values of freedom/opportunity and Superpowers that NO other country on Earth offers and exercises!

How Geography Made The US Ridiculously OP



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More info on why USA is the best country in the world here


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