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ARTICLE: Career options after 12th Intermediate: Some certificate courses in India in 2024!



12th Intermediate: What should I do after inter?

Most of us have the same thought of Engineering or Medicine after 10th and 12th Intermediate. Starting from students, parents are also thinking like this. But now the demand for certificate courses is increasing in the background of market needs. If you do several certificate courses after inter, you can also get a chance to get jobs in a short time. So what are some of the certificate courses available after inter.? What are the possibilities if these are completed? Now let's explore some viable options and learn their details...

Career Options

Certificate Courses

Cyber Security - Nowadays the demand for cyber security is increasing. Many organizations are hiring cyber security experts, especially in the current era of increasing cyber attacks. Due to this security courses are getting good reception. There are plenty of job opportunities for those who have learned skills in cyber security, cyber forensics and information security. Many institutes offer certificate courses of six months to one year duration.

Computer Hardware & Networking - These days, when the use of computers is increasing, the employment opportunities in the hardware sectors are also increasing at the same rate. This gives good opportunities to those who have done hardware courses. For this, many organizations are providing training with inter qualification. Skills such as CPU maintenance, networking and local area network management are taught in particular. There are courses like Diploma in Computer Application and Network Administration, Advanced Diploma in Repair and Maintenance of Systems. If you complete these, you can get jobs like Hardware Networking Assistants, Support Executives and the like.

Video Editing - Video editing experts are also in good demand in the market at present. Once upon a time, video editing was only used for movies and Photoshop. But now video editors are needed in the promotions of political leaders. Many institutes offer courses in video editing for a duration of three months to a year. These also include online courses. Those who get this certification have the flexibility to work in freelancing mode as well.

Hotel Management - For those who have interned, not only engineering but also hotel management can be said to be the best option. Currently, those who have done hotel management are getting good opportunities in India as well. Diploma in Hotel Management, Hospitality, Tourism and other courses can be admitted only with intermediate qualification. You can get more opportunities if you do these courses abroad.

Beautician - Beauticians are in huge demand recently. There are many courses available in the beautician department at certificate and diploma level. Those who have completed these courses are getting job opportunities in the film industry and media companies. Or you can set up your own beauty parlors. Also, door step services can be provided for weddings and birthday celebrations.

Tattoo Artist - Once a niche profession and with increasing acceptance of tattoos and growing demand for skilled artists, tattoo artistry is now a thriving, promising and rewarding career option in Indian career domain. This art form combines creativity, personal expression, and technical skills, making it an appealing choice for those who wish to pursue a non-traditional artistic career. India's tattoo industry is burgeoning, estimated to generate around Rs. 20,000 crore every year. This can also be pursued as a part-time side gig.

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