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I'm not a Robot CAPTCHA test



The click is not the test. The test happens BEFORE the click!

With the latest Invisible reCAPTCHA (which we use on our site), users won't even know they are being tested and it offers a great UX as Users do not need to do anything. The system intelligently detects if the user is human in the background.

But on sites that use the old version with a checkbox to tick, sometimes you still get a challenge to select pictures from a grid to prove yourself as human. This is because it takes into account how fast you clicked the checkbox. Slow down and click slowly (like a human) and you will most probably pass and won't be challenged further with a picture grid. Google may also be using these picture grids to train their AI models. You might remember having to go through 2 layers of these challenges sometimes. One was the actual bot trap and the other was training their AI on something it didn't understand elsewhere. Maps used it for example to get house numbers interpreted. That's Free labor for Google.


Yet, some sites may use a dummy text box (meant only for bots) to NOT enter anything before submitting the form. If you enter something into text box (like a bot does), you'll fail the test!

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