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‘Monkey Man’ turns saffron to red as India release uncertain

Directed by and starring Dev Patel, ‘Monkey Man’ has made at least one small change in an apparent bid to avoid upsetting Indian audiences


Hollywood film Monkey Man, a revenge action drama starring the British actor Dev Patel, has been edited to change saffron political banners to red, social media users noted as the film’s pre-release publicity was under way over the past month. The film is also directed by Mr. Patel, who launched his career with the 2009 film Slumdog Millionaire. Monkey Man was originally purchased by Netflix, which the Hollywood portal World of Reel reported passed on releasing the film because of themes that could offend right wing viewers in India.

The subtle edit — which emerged when the same shot was used in two different trailers — underscores the pressures to which Hollywood is increasingly succumbing in India, a market which accounts for a small but growing share of its global earnings. This sort of treatment is similar to changes made to access the influential Chinese movie market. In the 2012 remake of Red Dawn, for instance, the war action film initially had the Chinese army as antagonists — this was edited to North Koreans in post-production. Hollywood studios work closely with Chinese censors to release films in the country, which has a small but lucrative quota for foreign films each year. The government carefully screens each film for themes that may be upsetting to audiences (or unsettling for the government).


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Why is Monkey Man banned in India?

Monkey Man Movie Controversy Explained


Ever since the trailer for Monkey Man came out, the hype for it has reached its peak. Be it the amazing action sequences or cinematography, everything has attracted the attention of the audience, and that is why the hype of Monkey Man has increased a lot.

Even in the Indian market, the demand for this movie was very high, and people were very excited to watch it in cinema houses, but many things happened, due to which, for now, this movie has been banned in India.

The Monkey Man movie was supposed to come out on April 5 in America. But in India, the CBSE board said no to it. They didn't give it a certificate. 

There are many reasons behind this:

  • The first one is that it is being told that there is extreme violence in the movie. Well, this excuse of violence has been completely exposed because nowadays even Bollywood is coming up with such violent content that is released in theaters, giving it an A rating.
  • Another reason the CBSE board didn't like the Monkey Man movie is because of a character named Sita, who is a prostitute in the film. They thought her name was too similar to Sita Mata, a goddess in Hindu stories, and that could offend people.
  • Also, some negative characters in the movie have religious connections, which the board thought might cause trouble and upset some groups.
  • The third reason why the CBSE rejected the Monkey Man movie is because of its portrayal of the government. In the movie, there are villainous characters who are involved with the government in some illegal activities, suggesting corruption within the current administration.
  • This is the reason why CBSE told them that this picture would not be released in India.

Monkey Man Movie Release Date in India

Now these film makers will have to change many things, and only then can Monkey Man be released in India. Apart from this, one more thing I forgot to say is that there are many dialogues that hurt religious sentiments.

The CBSE has made it clear to the creators of Monkey Man that they must make changes to the film. Only if the CBSE approves of these changes will Monkey Man have a chance of being released in India. As of now, since the movie hasn't received any certificates, its release in India remains banned.

This movie is going to be re-edited. They're cutting out parts and adding new voices in some places. Apart from this, when this movie goes to CBSE again, maybe this movie will come to Indian cinemas on April 19.

Or if there is any further delay, then we will get to see this movie in cinemas on April 26th.


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Monkey Man out of the theater REACTION! ( Dev Patel ACTION STAR and DIRECTOR EXTRAORDINAIRE )


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