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Train hits cow 😢



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An express train can only travel in one direction. It cannot swerve or stop. It will hit or crush whatever gets in the way. Never underestimate the kinetic energy of even a slow train. The cattle owner is the culprit. He should have put up a shed to tie the cow up. It is so sad to see the cows dieing like this. 😥 Those animals are too pure and holy and should not die like this on tracks. Why is the government not doing anything to punish those cow owners who freely allow the cows to roam outside? It is also a public nuisance 😐

Live Train accident! Train Hits Cow Crossing Railway Line At High Speed!


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Everything in life can wait! Had the train hit the woman, her blood and body parts would have splattered all over this camera!

India is not for beginners. We start life at advanced level 😂

Railway Track Ruckus: Passengers Cross Seconds Before Train's Arrival | #Shorts


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