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నా వల్లే టీడీపీ ఓట్లు విదేశాలకు వెళ్లిపోయాయి: చంద్రబాబు



ఐటీ చదివే వాళ్లు, చదివేసిన వాళ్లు తాత కి ఒక టెంకాయ కొట్టండి 🙄


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deenne mangalavaaram dialogues antaru. if he loses next election (again), this will be the reason he will quote for his loss or blame it on rigging (or both).

how come only "peasant" muddha pappu tdp pulkas left India?? this cannot be true.

how come voters of other parties did not leave India? if anything, voters of other parties are the ones who left india.

where is the proof only tdp voters left India? and why is he contesting if he knows there are no more tdp voters left in the state to vote for him?? maybe he should contest from America or setup polling booths in USA lol

where is the proof that he advised people to learn IT?

where is the proof to whatever he claims that he advised people in the past??

and people wondered what IT was huh? like they never heard the word IT? LOL. go and figure out there were NIIT, Datamatics, osData, SETWIN, BIMS, APEC, SynfoSys, CIC, InterGraph, Zeus, Ken and many more in 1990s... when cbn was still a baccha

taking credit shamelessly for others' efforts is what cbn is notorious for. Hyderabad nene build katta/chesa, cellphones nene invent chesa, "I am a visionary" ani cheppu kune vadu, paisal kosam other parties tho pottu pettukune vadu whom he criticized badly in the past... how can we expect anything better from him?

voters are not idiots.

cbn is.

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