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Political heat rises in AP as parties sharpen knives




  • Giving new definition to YSRCP, Sharmila says Y means YV Subba Reddy, S means Sai Reddy (Vijaysai Reddy), R means Ramakrishna Reddy (Sajjala)
  • While Jagan describes himself as ‘Arjuna’, BJP portrays him ‘Uttara Kumara’
  • Naidu asserts that people are ready to throw out YSRCP govt


Vijayawada: Election heat is rising much faster than the day temperatures in the state. While YSRCP chief Jagan Mohan Reddy calls himself as Arjuna, TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu is calling upon people saying ‘Ra Kadili Ra,’ to throw this government out. On the other hand, APCC chief Y S Sharmila has given a new definition to YSRCP. According to her, Y means Y V Subba Reddy, S means Sai Reddy (Vijaysai Reddy), R means Ramakrishna Reddy (Sajjala).

Jagan said all his rivals had created a ‘Padmavyuham’ but they should know that he is not Abhimanyu to enter it and get stuck and would fight like Arjuna. He said that is why he had named the meeting as ‘Siddham’ (ready). He said he was ready for the poll battle and take on the opposition. Jana Sena Party is also gearing up for series of public meetings. Though how many seats it would contest is yet to be announced. At a party meeting Pawan in fact chided those who were suggesting the number of seats JSP should contest. He said some say contest in 60 some say 70.


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